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Should I Get Boiler Service Before Winter? You Better!

Boiler service

The benefits of getting a boiler service are tenfold compared to letting it go unserviced.

Hot water and warm air can be a necessity all year round but the changing of the seasons from autumn to winter marks the perfect time for boiler service just to make sure. Not that a cold shower would ever be satisfactory, but one in July is much easier to handle than one in January. You’ll also just want a clean bill of health heading into the colder months so energy bills are as low as possible and to make sure the boiler isn’t going to cause any adverse health effects. Put it this way, the benefits of getting a boiler check are tenfold compared to letting it go unserviced.

To Save Money On Future Repairs

Even if you’re not experiencing any issues with your heat or water, an annual boiler service check is still a good practice to get in to. In fact many times large-scale boiler problems develop from simple issues that have gone unattended to for too long. Shelling out a few dollars for a service call is a much better alternative to thousands of dollars in repair or boiler replacement down the line. Plus a boiler problem found ahead of time is much easier to service in autumn than an emergency that arises in the dead of winter.

Because Carbon Monoxide Is Not Fun

Perhaps the best reason to call for boiler service is for your health. Leaks in a boiler or improper installation or maintenance may result in carbon monoxide exposure in the home. Carbon monoxide is a potentially deadly gas that can’t be smelled or seen. In essence, getting boiler could save your life.

So That You Lower Your Heating Costs Over the Winter

Many times you get a car tuneup even though there are no evident signs of any ailments affecting performance. It’s just better to know that your vehicle won’t be guzzling any unnecessary gas or burning through oil like it’s going out of style. Boiler service works in much of the same way. The technician will inspect, diagnose, and service the boiler so that your heating bills will be as efficient as possible.

It May Be the Law

Property owners / landlords are often required to show that their homes or apartments have an up to date gas safety inspection. You have a responsibility to the tenants so that they and their families will be safe and they won’t be paying unnecessarily high utility bills because of poor servicing.

What Does Service Entail?

Boiler service isn’t really that costly for the peace of mind it provides in return and the inspections are fairly non-intrusive. The check is quick, yet thorough and entails:

  • Check to ensure the boiler is operating at the proper gas pressure
  • Test the flue to make sure boiler emissions are safe
  • Make sure controls are operating properly
  • Inspect for corrosion and leaks

It takes only minutes to have a sound peace of mind for the long winter and a boiler service is really something best left to the trained professionals.

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