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Central Furnace | Why Furnaces and A/C Go Hand In Hand

Central furnace

Central furnace and air conditioning unit work much more effectively as a cohesive, connected unit

There was a time when a central air HVAC system was reserved only for the most debonair of citizens nestled high in their mansions overlooking the hills. Of course that period was ages ago and in many homes central air is not an upgrade, it’s the normal. That being said there are a number of houses that still run their central air conditioner and furnace as separate entities instead of one well-oiled machine. Here are five reasons why it’s time to buck that trend and make the central furnace and air-conditioning system one cohesive, connected unit.

More Efficient

Most HVAC industry pros will tell you that efficiency is incredibly lost when a home has a mismatched air conditioning and heating system. Everything that is gained from a central furnace is lost with an outdated air-conditioner and likewise. The best way to save on utility bills is to purchase a central unit that is made by the same manufacturer and has the same recommended filters, service schedules, replacement parts, etc. In today’s heating and cooling world, efficiency is the top priority.

Less Servicing

In actuality, having a central furnace and air conditioner that runs on the same mainline will save you servicing in the long run. In fact it will cut service time approximately in half figuring that once a technician visits he or she can inspect and diagnose the entire unit at once instead of once before the heating season and once before the warm temps take effect. It’s good to have annual inspections of a furnace and a/c but why not kill two birds with one stone?

Can Pool Money for Upgrades

Suppose a household has $1,200 to spend on a furnace and $1,200 to spend on an air-conditioning unit. Bought separately they can still get pretty decent individual components but when that money is pooled together they can get a top-of-the-line central furnace and air conditioner. Since dual units are usually offered as a discount from companies for an incentive to buy, the budget can be maximized when buying all-in-one systems.

Saves Installation Costs

One of the main budget killers when getting a new furnace or central air-conditioner installed is the intensive labor costs. By purchasing and having an all-in-one system installed homeowners can bank ½ the money that would’ve been spent on one labor cost and save it for the eventual replacement hopefully 20 years down the road.

Share One Warranty

A great thing about getting a central furnace and air-conditioning installed is that even though it presents a big spending ticket, homeowners can rest assured they won’t have to replace it, or at least pay for it to be replaced, for the life of the warranty. That’s not always the case and replacing a furnace only to have an air-conditioner go out months later can be damning to one’s financial prospects.

Most experts agree that a confined multi-system is the way to go in these days where HVAC efficiency is the goal.