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How to Select the Right 24 Hour Plumber in Edmonton

24 Hour PlumberWe’ve all been burned by poor service before whether it be through a hair stylist, a lawn service, a restaurant, etc. For the most part we cut our losses and chalk it up to a learning experience and look for a replacement service. With larger investments or repairs like those to a home or automobile it’s not always feasible to sport a learning curve. In the case of a 24 hour plumber for instance a bad experience could cost thousands of extra dollars and make your home unlivable. To help avoid this, it’s a wise idea to go out searching for a trusted plumber even before you need their service – and here’s how to do it.

Does Customer Service Matter?

Personal assessments need to be made before you prequalify a plumber. For instance, what are your top priorities which could include any of the following:

  • Customer service – is it important to you if your 24 hour plumber is friendly, prompt, and explains the details of their visit or could you care less and just want the fixes made?
  • Price – is the lowest price your ultimate deciding point regardless of quality, customer service, etc.?
  • Quality of work – It’s important to have workmanship you can trust but often that comes with a higher price.

There are a number of 24-hour plumbing services out there from the friendly guys who are priced low but do shoddy work to the pipe experts who don’t always show up to the job site promptly but always make great repairs. Make a list and decide which is important to you.

What Is Their Service Scope and What Extras Do they Offer?

Another area to pre-qualify about is what type of services they offer. Some companies specialize in installation while others are repairs. Some companies are strictly toilets and sinks while others service washing machines and everything else. Make sure your 24 hour plumber is adept to handle your issues.

Research the Business Online Before Making a Contact List

When pre-qualifying any service in current times it’s crucial to use your online resources to see what others are saying about the business. From online reviews to other customer testimonial sites you can get a pretty good example of how a company operates.

Always Contact Multiple Companies

Another thing that’s important in the early search for a quality 24-hour plumber is to never be satisfied with your first contact. For one, you’ll have nothing to compare to in regards to price, services offered, etc. Another reason to investigate multiple companies is so that you can rank them – in case the top choice is busy you’ll know the chronological order in which to call a backup, third choice, etc.

Pre-qualifying a 24 hour plumber before you actually need one might seem extraneous but doing some early legwork could save you grief down the road.

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