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Common Air Conditioning Problems and Troubleshooting Remedies

If you are like most people you love coming home to your nice cool house after being out and about on a hot summer day. There is something magical about that nice cool air hitting you in the face as you walk through your door. What if you walk through the door and the magic doesn’t happen because your air conditioning does not seem to be working? Here are some common air conditioner problems and possible remedies for the situation.

The system is running but the house is not cool and the air coming out of the vents does not have much pressure.

air conditioner problemsThis very likely could be the result of a dirty air filter. Air conditioning systems need to be fed lots of air in order to initiate the cooling process in the system; a dirty air filter can almost completely shut the air flow to the unit down. To find out if this is the cause simply take the filter out and see how the system runs without it; if the air flow gets stronger and you start to feel cooler air after removing it you will know that was your problem.

Make cleaning and replacing your all-important air conditioning filters a part of your routine household maintenance schedule. When you by an air conditioning filter it should say right on it how long before they usually need to be replaced too. Dirty filters are the number one cause of air conditioner problems.

The air conditioning unit shuts on and off repeatedly.

This could be a problem with something blocking air flow to the unit if your air conditioning unit is based outside of your house or it could be something like a blocked condenser line or evaporator. Try removing any tall grass, weeds or brush that are growing around the unit and make sure there is no debris such as tree branches and wet leaves that are collecting inside or outside the unit. These types of things when bad enough can cause a variety of air conditioner problems.

The central air conditioning system does not work at all

The first thing to do here is to check all the electrical breakers on the system and check the master switch at the unit itself. If these are all on,next take a close look at the emergency disconnect and see if it shows any rust or other residue on the outside of the switch that may indicate corrosion (*** NEVER attempt to open the cover on an electrical device if you do not have working knowledge of electricity and the safety procedures for working on it***). If you have done these things and cannot get the unit to work you may need to call an electrician or HVAC technician to come out and look at it.

The general rule with any HVAC troubleshooting to take care of air conditioner problems is to look for the obvious such as dirty filters and debris around the unit and if these things do not correct the problem you will need to schedule a service appointment with a professional heating and air service company.


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