Thermostat Replacement for Your Home

Find out what you need to know about thermostat replacement for your home. Thermostats are essential in helping you achieve a comfortable home without suffering from high energy use. When considering a thermostat replacement, the type of thermostat you choose depends on what HVAC system you have at home, what features you are looking for, […]

The Many Benefits of Central Air Systems

It is no fun being in your home in the dog days of summer if your home does not have air conditioning. You will get irritable, be a sweaty mess and may even have trouble sleeping. All that can be avoided with the simple addition of air conditioning to your home. If you are considering […]

Common Air Conditioning Problems and Troubleshooting Remedies

If you are like most people you love coming home to your nice cool house after being out and about on a hot summer day. There is something magical about that nice cool air hitting you in the face as you walk through your door. What if you walk through the door and the magic […]

Avoid Expensive AC Repair Bills with These 6 Simple Steps

A fully functioning air conditioner is a godsend during hot summer days, but too many people cringe every time they turn on their HVAC system. Granted the air conditioner can be costly to run frequently and can cause financial devastation due to expensive AC repair bills but often that falls on the homeowner as much as […]

Is Your Home Air Conditioning or Heating System Making You Sick?

Indoor air quality is important year-round but especially during the winter when we’re forced to spend most of our time indoors to get away from the brutal cold spells. The quality of air in the home is bad enough with the filth of hair, pet dander, dust mites, and germs before you add a possible […]

How a Programmable Thermostat Protects Your HVAC System

A Programmable Thermostat is the Best $30 Investment You Can Make in Your Home When most homeowners ramp up for a cold winter or hot summer for that matter they put their faith in a powerful HVAC system. It’s true that system performance for a high-efficiency air conditioner can make a difference in both room […]

HVAC Inspection | Dangers of Missing Even One Annual Inspection

For the most part, the furnace does its job adequately and thus, flies under the radar. Because ‘old reliable’ fires up usually without any fanfare every winter, it’s easy to fall into the temptation of foregoing the recommended HVAC inspection. After all, you change your filters regularly and don’t hear any awkward clanging so the […]

Central Furnace | Why Furnaces and A/C Go Hand In Hand

There was a time when a central air HVAC system was reserved only for the most debonair of citizens nestled high in their mansions overlooking the hills. Of course that period was ages ago and in many homes central air is not an upgrade, it’s the normal. That being said there are a number of […]

The History of Air Conditioning – AC Technology Has Come Full Circle

To many people, running their air-conditioner during the summer is as much of a tradition as drinking lemonade and cutting the grass. Obviously though it wasn’t always that way. The popularity of watering holes in the early 1900’s was at an all-time high because taking a dip was the only legitimate way to cool off […]

How to Get the Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning Units

There’s an important thing to remember as you’re enjoying the cool air from window air conditioning units on a hot Edmonton day – chilly air isn’t necessarily clean air. In order to enjoy a reprieve from the heat but at the same time have a clean atmosphere in your home A/C filters need to be […]