Why Natural Gas Furnace Is Best

Find out why natural gas furnaces are better than other heating systems you can find on the market. The reason why a natural gas furnace is the best choice can vary from the obvious to its undeniable significance. If you have your reservations in the past whether a natural gas furnace is a perfect fit […]

Learn How to Troubleshoot a Gas Furnace

Save time and money if you know how to troubleshoot a gas furnace. A gas furnace should work without any glitches for the first ten years or so. But from time to time, you may encounter some issues involving your furnace that will prompt you to call for professional help. However, it is easy to […]

The Ultimate Guide on How to Fix a Gas Furnace

Learn How to Fix a Gas Furnace Like a Pro Find out how to fix a gas furnace like you were born to do just that. This guide covers all the essentials and will answer all your furnace questions to leave you no room for doubts or second-guessing. 1. How to turn on a gas […]

Thermostat Replacement for Your Home

Find out what you need to know about thermostat replacement for your home. Thermostats are essential in helping you achieve a comfortable home without suffering from high energy use. When considering a thermostat replacement, the type of thermostat you choose depends on what HVAC system you have at home, what features you are looking for, […]

Advice on How to Choose a Home Heating Service

Learn how to choose a home heating service for your home. Back in the days, most homeowners can find a good furnace contractor through family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. But with the many technological advancements and the popularity of the Internet, another valuable resource is now within your reach. The Net can help you how […]

Need to Replace Your Furnace? Watch Out for These 6 Tell-Tale Signs

Everybody can relate why Canadian winters are so stressful. For instance, you have to brave driving in the snow, feel anxious about the outrageous amount of clothing you need to wear, or suffer from constant backaches due to your non-stop shoveling. You start to wish it’s already Spring by tomorrow. Another issue that adds to […]

How to Buy a Furnace – Basic Guide to Furnace Buying

You know you are on borrowed time with the heating system in your house. It is only a matter of time before it quits for good or it simply gets too expensive to repair for what are going to get out of it. So the best decision in your case is to look at buying […]

Forced Heating System and Allergy Sufferers: An Unfortunate Bond

At first glance, it would seem like the Winter is ideal for those who suffer allergies and colds year round. After all the flowers and pollen spreaders have died out, and the bitter air helps to slow down the reproduction of cells. While this is true, most of the Winter is spent indoors, what amounts to […]

Natural Gas Furnace | How to Lower Your Energy Bill

Edmonton homeowners need to pay bills – it’s the nature of the beast. That being said the lower our bills are the more money we have for ‘play time.’ Car payments and mortgage loans are pretty set bills, but areas around the home can cost less with some preparations and guidance. Perhaps the biggest area […]

Is Your Home Air Conditioning or Heating System Making You Sick?

Indoor air quality is important year-round but especially during the winter when we’re forced to spend most of our time indoors to get away from the brutal cold spells. The quality of air in the home is bad enough with the filth of hair, pet dander, dust mites, and germs before you add a possible […]