Forced Heating System and Allergy Sufferers: An Unfortunate Bond

At first glance, it would seem like the Winter is ideal for those who suffer allergies and colds year round. After all the flowers and pollen spreaders have died out, and the bitter air helps to slow down the reproduction of cells. While this is true, most of the Winter is spent indoors, what amounts to […]

Is Your Home Air Conditioning or Heating System Making You Sick?

Indoor air quality is important year-round but especially during the winter when we’re forced to spend most of our time indoors to get away from the brutal cold spells. The quality of air in the home is bad enough with the filth of hair, pet dander, dust mites, and germs before you add a possible […]

How to Achieve High Furnace Air Quality During the Brutal Cold Months

Unless you’re “lucky” enough to work outside during the cold winter months it’s easy to feel like a hermit crab from around late November to early April every year. Besides the fact that it’s dark so early there really aren’t a whole lot of outdoor activities to partake in when the temperatures are in the […]

How to Change a Furnace Filter in 10 Seconds Flat

If you do one thing this winter season in regards to your furnace, make sure you change your filter often. Changing your furnace filter is a 10-second job that many homeowners overlook, thus causing numerous issues with the quality of air in the home and the cost of utility bills. Some people do have an […]

Don’t Underestimate The Dangers of a Clogged Furnace

For a lot of homeowners, the term routine maintenance means ‘you don’t have to worry about that ever’ and that’s a really unfortunate practice. For one, you’re greatly decreasing the life of items like HVAC systems when you fail to maintain it properly and forcing yourself to pay eventually for furnace repair much earlier than […]

Duct Cleaning | How to Get Rid of Dirty, Musty Air in Your Edmonton Home

Depending on who you ask, paying for duct cleaning is either a huge waste of time and money or something people are regretful about putting off for so long. Few would argue that there’s a buildup of debris in the ducts of a home but not everybody sees the service as making a difference in […]

Furnace Cleaning | How to Get a Fresh Air Supply in Your Home

One of the most effective yet often overlooked areas of keeping household appliances running in tip-top condition is the act of preventative maintenance. Specifically when dealing with the furnace one of the best things a homeowner can do is give the unit a nice cleaning, both after a long and cold winter and before firing […]

Indoor Air Quality − Is Poor Air Quality Making You Sick?

Indoor Air Quality describes the comfort and health you and your family experience in your Edmonton home. Many of us have a great interest in the quality of food and water we eat and drink (five to seven pounds per day).  However, perhaps even more important is the quality of indoor air that we breathe […]