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Replacing a Toilet in Your Edmonton Home is as Easy as 1-2-3

Pardon the expression but your toilet puts up with a lot of crap. Our humble commodes don’t ask much of us in return but there are times when the inner workings or the outside of the toilet will fail and replacing a toilet is your only option. Your best bet for replacement and to prevent…

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Tackle Plumbing Leaks by Following These Simple Steps

For the most part your plumbing system is a very efficient unit. While problems do arise from time to time, for the most part we can count on water being delivered to us when we need it and going away when we don’t. That being said when issues do arise, the most common being plumbing…

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Introduction to In Floor Heating for Edmonton Homes

There’s almost nothing worse than stepping on a cold floor in the morning as it startles, confuses, and irritates you. There are some easy fixes such as an extra three pairs of socks or strewing blankets all about your room as a precaution. Luckily the easiest solution might be right in front of you, or…

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Infrared Heaters — Extremely Effective Supplementary Heating

In the cold Canadian winters it’s often important to have a backup or supplemental heating system on hand just in case your furnace decides to go into hibernation. Perhaps the most cost-efficient and effective form of additional warmth is infrared heaters. Instead of simply going to a hardware store and saying, “I’ll take an infrared…

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How to Avoid Plumbing Supply Scams

In a perfect world when plumbing problems arise we could conveniently make a call, have the issue resolved, and settle up with no thoughts looking forward. As most of us know, the world of plumbing supply isn’t always perfect. Unfortunately there are scammers out there that take advantage of you opening your door to them…

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