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What You Need to Know About Geothermal Heating Systems

Most homeowners are aware of energy saving ratings that make appliances such as dishwashers, refrigerators, and air conditioners more appealing to purchase. Between government kickbacks and lower utility bills replacing outdated items, with newer ‘green’ models, pays itself back. Taking that step further, there’s a kind of energy, stored in the earth, that fuels the…

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How to Change a Furnace Filter in 10 Seconds Flat

If you do one thing this winter season in regards to your furnace, make sure you change your filter often. Changing your furnace filter is a 10-second job that many homeowners overlook, thus causing numerous issues with the quality of air in the home and the cost of utility bills. Some people do have an…

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How to Find Rebates for a High Efficiency Furnace

One of the many gripes that people give for putting off installing a new high efficiency furnace is that ‘we just can’t afford it right now’. While it’s true that money can be tight, paying 150% for utility bills due to an old furnace or poor insulation around the house is financially irresponsible just the…

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Don't Underestimate The Dangers of a Clogged Furnace

For a lot of homeowners, the term routine maintenance means ‘you don’t have to worry about that ever’ and that’s a really unfortunate practice. For one, you’re greatly decreasing the life of items like HVAC systems when you fail to maintain it properly and forcing yourself to pay eventually for furnace repair much earlier than…

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