How a Programmable Thermostat Protects Your HVAC System

Honeywell Programmable Thermostat

A Programmable Thermostat is the Best $30 Investment You Can Make in Your Home When most homeowners ramp up for a cold winter or hot summer for that matter they put their faith in a powerful HVAC system. It’s true that system performance for a high-efficiency air conditioner can make a difference in both room…

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Where is The Air Filter Located in The Furnace?

where is the air filter located in the furnace

The air filter is an integral part of any furnace’s HVAC system. Its job is to remove dust, dirt, and other particles from the air, helping to keep the air quality inside your home clean and healthy. A dirty or clogged filter can negatively impact indoor air quality, and your furnace’s energy efficiency, so replacing…

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How to Replace a Furnace on your Own

Technician explaining furnace options to Edmonton homeowner

How To Replace a Furnace On Your Own During winter, learn how to replace a furnace on your own once it breaks down to save time and money without suffering in the cold. If you live somewhere cold, the warm summer heat is a welcome respite from the biting cold you constantly experience during the…

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How Much Do Furnace Cleaning Cost?

How Much Do Furnace Cleaning Cost

If you’re a homeowner, you know the importance of keeping your furnace in good condition. Not only can a dirty furnace lead to poor indoor air quality, but it can also be a safety hazard. That’s why regular furnace maintenance is essential, and one of the most critical steps in that process is furnace cleaning.…

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Why Does My Furnace Makes Clunking Noise When Turning Off

Why Does Furnace Makes Clunking Noise

Are you hearing a loud clunking noise from your furnace when it turns off? If so, this may concern the homeowner who has little knowledge about the inner workings of their HVAC system. These noises may not seem normal and could lead to a significant problem in your home’s heating systems, but fear not! There…

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Where are Furnaces Located in a House?

Where are Furnaces Located in a House

Where Are Furnaces Located in a House? As temperatures drop during winter, most homes rely on furnaces to stay warm and comfortable. However, many homeowners may not know the location of their furnace and why it is crucial to know it. Knowing where are furnaces located in a house can make a big difference in…

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Don’t Underestimate The Dangers of a Clogged Furnace

For a lot of homeowners, the term routine maintenance means ‘you don’t have to worry about that ever’ and that’s a really unfortunate practice. For one, you’re greatly decreasing the life of items like HVAC systems when you fail to maintain it properly and forcing yourself to pay eventually for furnace repair much earlier than…

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Are Furnaces Bad for The Environment?

are furnaces bad for the environment

As global concern for the environment grows, it’s natural to wonder whether everyday appliances like home furnaces contribute to this trend. It has led many homeowners to ask: Are furnaces bad for the environment? It’s essential to understand the importance of this question, as furnaces play an integral part in many homes in keeping families…

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Which Furnaces Last The Longest?

Which Furnaces Last The Longest

Are you searching for a reliable and efficient furnace that will last you through the coming cold season and beyond? You’ve come to the right place! Navigating choices in furnaces can be tricky, but with a little research, it’s possible to find the one that best meets your comfort needs and budget. In this blog…

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Learn How to Troubleshoot a Gas Furnace

Furnace maintenance in Edmonton, AB

Save time and money if you know how to troubleshoot a gas furnace. A gas furnace should work without any glitches for the first ten years or so. But from time to time, you may encounter some issues involving your furnace that will prompt you to call for professional help. However, it is easy to…

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