How to Avoid Clogged Sink Drains in Your Edmonton Home

Clogged SinkIf you are like most people you have a home or apartment that is filled with many types of drains. There are the bath and shower drains, sink drains, washing machine drains and maybe some other types of drains where you live. When one of these gets clogged it will not only be a big inconvenience but it can also result in a nasty smelly mess. Here are some things you can do to prevent clogged sink drains in your house.

Kitchen Sink

There is perhaps no place that is easier to get a clogged sink in than the kitchen. It is hard not to prep foods and clean greasy dishes without some of the residue going into the kitchen sink drain. In order to keep from getting a clogged sink in the kitchen, it is important that all drain grates be in place when using the sink and that these be diligently cleaned out after each use. It is never a bad idea to pour some very hot water (not boiling water – it may hurt the seals on the piping) down the drain once or twice a month in order to keep grease and other soluble’s from building up in the drain pipes. NEVER intentionally pour grease down the drain after cooking if you want to avoid hiring a 24-hour professional plumber.


There is probably no drain in your house that you don’t want clogged up more than your toilet. Quite frankly the only things that should ever go into the toilet are human body waste and toilet paper. All other things such as kid’s toys, paper towels, sanitary napkins and other objects can lead to clogging this very important drain up. You can also pour hot water down this drain monthly to clean it up and if you start to see the water drain slowly you can put a simple baking soda and vinegar mix into the bowl; it can dissolve a clog that is forming by leaving in it the bowl overnight.

Shower and Bath Drains

These are another type of drain that you have to be very diligent about cleaning because they are not as easy to unplug as a clogged sink when you have a problem with them. All lint, hair and other things that get caught in the drain grait should be immediately removed after the person taking the shower or bath is finished. These solids will find their way down the drain over time if not removed after each use. This is another drain that it’s recommended to periodically pour very hot water in to keep buildups from forming in the line.

Washing Machine Drain Lines

These drain lines are often subject to getting buildups of lint, dirt and other materials in them that will eventually cause a clog. It is important to clean solids that collect in the drain cover after every wash load. Just like you do to prevent a clogged sink, you can also pour very hot water down these drains monthly to keep them working well.

Use common sense and follow these tips and it is very unlikely a clogged toilet or a clogged sink will ever become a problem for you.


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