How to Replace a Furnace on your Own

Technician explaining furnace options to Edmonton homeowner

How To Replace a Furnace On Your Own During winter, learn how to replace a furnace on your own once it breaks down to save time and money without suffering in the cold. If you live somewhere cold, the warm summer heat is a welcome respite from the biting cold you constantly experience during the…

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Where to Buy a Furnace | Heating System Buying Tips

Capital Plumbing and Heating Edmonton

For many people a relaxing day of shopping involves a visit to an outlet mall or a sporting goods store but that’s not the case when a furnace is on its last leg. Instead of stopping at the food court it’s a race against Old Man Winter to find a furnace, make sure it fits…

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Air Conditioner Installation: 9 Things To Do Before

Installing Central Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Installation: Stay Cool and Comfortable There are a few common signs that Spring is in the air – the grass starts turning greener, the flowers start blossoming, the birds return to roost, and thousands of Canadians can be seen lugging their air conditioner units into their windows. While air conditioner installations can be…

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Forced Heating and Allergy Sufferers: The Unlucky Bond

Best Heating System For Allergy Sufferers

At first glance, it would seem like the Winter is ideal for those who suffer allergies and colds year round. After all the flowers and pollen spreaders have died out, and the bitter air helps to slow down the reproduction of cells. While this is true, most of the Winter is spent indoors, what amounts to…

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Natural Gas Furnace | How to Lower Your Energy Bill

Natural Gas Furnace

Edmonton homeowners need to pay bills – it’s the nature of the beast. That being said the lower our bills are the more money we have for ‘play time.’ Car payments and mortgage loans are pretty set bills, but areas around the home can cost less with some preparations and guidance. Perhaps the biggest area…

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Cost To Replace Furnace In 2024

Cost to Replace A New Furnace

The cost to replace furnace in your home will vary depending on many factors. It can be uncomfortable if there isn’t enough heat in your house. By searching for the finest furnace repair company, ensure you have dependable heating for the upcoming cold months in Edmonton. A high-quality furnace will keep your home warm and…

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Learn How to Choose the Best Furnace to Have at Home

Gas Furnace in Edmonton

Read this article to no longer wonder how to choose the best furnace you can own today. Many people rely on their furnace to stay sane, warm, and comfortable during the cold winter months. But no matter how much we want our furnaces to remain in excellent shape for all the years to come, that…

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How Many BTU Furnace Do I Need?

how to measure BTU for furnace system

Size is important when selecting a furnace for your home’s heating requirements since it significantly impacts your heating system’s overall effectiveness and performance. Let’s say a buyer is successful in choosing the proper furnace size. In such instances, they will undoubtedly find it simple to keep the furnace’s energy prices. However, if you’re wondering, “how…

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How Much Does Air Conditioner Cost?

Technician installing a new central AC unit

How much does air conditioner cost? It is a difficult question to answer due to the many variables involved. The size of the unit, the type of unit, the unit’s efficiency, and where you live are just some factors that will affect the cost of an air conditioner. During the summer, you shouldn’t undervalue the…

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