Avoid Expensive AC Repair Bills with These 6 Simple Steps

Save on AC BillA fully functioning air conditioner is a godsend during hot summer days, but too many people cringe every time they turn on their HVAC system. Granted the AC can be costly to run frequently and can cause financial devastation due to expensive AC repair bills but often that falls on the homeowner as much as the HVAC system. There are a number of steps that you can take to make sure the air conditioner runs more efficiently all season.

Avoid Costly AC Repairs with Up-to-Date Maintenance

Your A/C manufacturer might not just recommend that you have annual maintenance done on the unit, it could be a requirement as part of your warranty. If the air-conditioner fails because of lack of responsibility by the homeowner (maintenance, change of filter, etc.), the manufacturer can void the warranty. Getting an annual inspection and tune-up is a good practice to make sure the air delivered is pure and to lower utility bills in the process.

Use Secondary Cooling Methods

Avoid air conditioner repairs by easing the stress on the a/c as much as possible. For instance, on relatively cool days when the temperature is only in the high 20’s, run a ceiling fan or open up windows instead of just turning the air conditioning down. These secondary cooling methods are a great way to preserve the A/C life, lower utility bills, and in the case of open windows, provide fresh air into the house.


Along the same lines of easing the stress on the air-conditioner, is insulating the house and sealing air gaps. The air that is cooled only to seep out of the house is an extreme waste of money and causes the air conditioner to cycle more frequently, which inevitably leads to A/C repair. Make sure adequate insulation is installed in the outside walls and seal up gaps near windows and doors.

Buy the Correct Size AC

Another tip, to remember, is to purchase the correct size AC for the house and yes there is such a thing as buying too large of a unit. When an air conditioner is too big, it cycles too quickly and doesn’t process the air properly causing humidity and warm air to infiltrate your home too quickly. An air-conditioner that is too small runs constantly and creates insane energy bills. You need to purchase the correct size A/C (1 to 5 tons) for your home’s square footage.

Protect Windows

A window shade or blind can go a long way in preventing AC repair. Sun beating into the room in the afternoon drives up temperatures and causes the AC to run, many times when nobody is in the home. Window shades combined with a programmable thermostat can help prevent AC repairs while also lowering utility bills.

Shade the Unit Outside

It’s also a wise idea to limit stress on an A/C condensing unit by either installing it in the shade of a home or building a protective covering for it. Of course, you’ll want to leave enough room for the unit to breathe but the sun bearing down on the cooling components all day creates unnecessary stress.


In conclusion, avoiding expensive air conditioning bills is achievable with a few strategic steps. Regular maintenance ensures your system runs efficiently, while programmable thermostats allow for smarter energy use. Sealing leaks and improving insulation keeps the cool air inside, reducing the strain on your AC unit. Simple habits like closing blinds during peak sun hours and using fans can also make a significant difference. By implementing these measures, you can enjoy a comfortable home without breaking the bank. Save money, reduce energy consumption, and stay cool all summer long.


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