Furnace Cleaning Edmonton: How to Get a Fresh Air Supply

Furnace CleaningOne of the most effective yet often overlooked areas of keeping household appliances running in tip-top condition is the act of preventative maintenance. Specifically when dealing with the furnace one of the best things a homeowner can do is give the unit a nice cleaning, both after a long and cold winter and before firing it back up in the fall. Some homeowners might check on the cleanliness of their furnace only after starting to experience problems but for best results the different components should be wiped down and blown out with compressed air before issues start to arise. Here are the main reasons why furnace cleaning in Edmonton is such a detrimental undertaking in achieving clean furnace air quality.

For a Clean Air Supply Through the House

By far the best reason for hiring furnace and duct cleaning in Edmonton is to get a fresh air supply running through your home. This is especially important if a household member suffers from excessive allergies or if there are infants in the home. The extent of the furnace cleaning should reach out from the actually motor housing unit through the duct work and the registers. Up to 40 pounds of dust can collect in a home’s duct work over the course of the year, consistently and constantly being fed into bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens every time the furnace kicks in. Cleaning before and after the heating season is important for indoor air quality whether the furnace and air conditioning are one unit or separate entities as they collect dust whether idle or running constantly.

To Keep Parts Moving Efficiently

You should also clean your furnace not only before and after the heating season, but also a few times in cold weather to help keep the blower motor, fan, and other parts moving efficiently. If these components sit idle or can’t move freely they’re more likely to experience problems such as dust creeping into the bearings which could cause major repairs. Intermittent furnace cleaning Edmonton compared to paying for a high-priced service bill is an easy financial decision in most households. The cleaning of the moving parts really doesn’t even need to be that vigorous, just a quick wipe down to make sure excessive dust hasn’t built up and to ensure wheels and belts can turn freely.

To Prepare for Downtime

Much like how you winterize your lawn more when the grass has turned brown and the cold weather is impending, a furnace could use a ‘spring-izing’ of sorts when it’s time for a well-earned vacation has approached. Spring cleaning should extend into your utility room wiping down the furnace so that debris and grime doesn’t creep into crevasses or eat away at parts over the summer. Likewise with the increased air flow in your home throughout the warm weather months, it’s also important to give your furnace a good cleaning before firing it back up in the late autumn. It’s generally a good idea to fine-tune your heating system before the winter by testing the belts and listening for weird sounds which presents a perfect time for a scrub down.

To Save on Bills

While hiring in a company to perform furnace cleaning Edmonton might seem like an overhead expense, the truth is it will save you money both in the long run and the short run in a myriad of ways:

  • Parts that are clean operate better, aren’t prone to rust, and thus last longer saving you replacement costs.
  • Clean air is healthy air and the purer your duct system is, the less likely those in your home are to get sick. When you’re sick you stay home from work costing you money or vacation days and lead you to get the Winter blues and decrease your quality of living.
  • A clean furnace system doesn’t have to work as hard to push air through clogged filters and duct work. When your furnace is running more efficiently, utility bills aren’t as high especially during the brutally cold Canadian winters.

In a way, having a clean furnace in both the Spring and Autumn creates a trickle down effect that emanates through your entire home, creating a healthy, pure, positive living environment.

To Get a Better Understanding How the System Works

It might not seem important but by tending to your furnace with intricate detail in wiping down the internal workings and blowing out the vents gives you a better understanding of how the system works. The more often you perform furnace cleaning Edmonton, the more familiar you get with how each component does its job which will also enable you to detect when something seems amiss or a certain part isn’t working like it used to. In this case you can troubleshoot the basic problems and catch problems like a loose belt before they shut down the furnace. It’s not always feasible to everybody but if you treat your furnace like an antique collector car in polishing it and spiffing it up at every opportunity you’ll gain a better appreciation and education for something often taken for granted – even though it provides you warmth in bone-chilling months.

The thing what makes furnace cleaning such an important task is just how easy of a job it really is. A homeowner can do the light tasks themselves such as changing the filter or even wiping down the registers while bringing in a professional crew to maintain the blower motors or clean out the duct work. By just taking a little extra time to prepare for each season you can save money while also breathing in fresher air and staying healthy.


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