Learn How to Choose the Best Furnace to Have at Home

Gas Furnace in EdmontonRead this article to no longer wonder how to choose the best furnace you can own today.

Many people rely on their furnace to stay sane, warm, and comfortable during the cold winter months. But no matter how much we want our furnaces to remain in excellent shape for all the years to come, that is not just the case. Like any other piece of appliance, furnaces are bound to break down sooner than later. If you want your investment to last, learn how to choose the best furnace to equip your home with and save money on utility bills without putting a strain on the environment.

Select the Best Fuel Type that Fits your Budget

Different fuel sources can power your furnace. There are fuel, coal, oil, wood, and the most common of all, natural gas. If you live somewhere in the south, an electric furnace will often do since winters aren’t as harsh as in the east. If you are after performance and efficiency, choose an oil or gas powered furnace to heat your home without burning a hole in your wallet.

You’ll probably spend more in buying and installing a gas furnace than an oil furnace, but you get to save more over time on higher efficiency ratings. But if you are looking for a furnace that is more affordable for starters, go with an oil furnace instead. There are still oil-powered variants that also boast of higher efficiency.

Consider Fuel Prices

Another important consideration on how to choose the best furnace is fuel prices. Remember that gas prices don’t often fluctuate like that of oil prices. Oil prices can drop this month and spike the following month, so you better be aware of these fluctuations in advance. Buy a gas furnace if you are after more consistency since you’d likely deal with a predictable monthly expense over time.

Check AFUE Ratings

The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating measures a furnace’s overall energy efficiency. They are expressed in percentages, and a furnace is said to be more energy efficient the higher the number is. For oil furnaces, they often have an AFUE rating anywhere around 60% to 80% whereas gas furnaces can have AFUE ratings as high as 98%.

The type of fuel is not the only consideration you have to remember. Other factors also matter including the furnace model and how much money you can save on a particular model. Other significant ratings like the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) can likewise help you on how to choose the furnace for your home that you can afford. Consider as many factors as you can, so that you can make a more accurate comparison and a better and informed decision as a whole.

Think about the Overall Cost of Ownership

The overall cost of ownership takes into consideration installation, energy use, maintenance, as well as repair costs of your new furnace. There are particular furnaces that last longer and actually become more efficient with continued use. There are also furnaces that require less effort or time to set up, which in turn lessens your upfront cost.

However, calculating the overall cost of ownership before buying a furnace is not an easy task. You need to consider several factors and ratings to determine how a certain furnace works. Thus, it is best to seek the advice of an expert on technical issues such as a furnace installation.

Contact a Furnace Technician

Remember that furnace technicians are an indispensable resource when it comes to HVAC. They have worked on furnaces throughout their professional career and have worked on all makes and models out in the market. Ask a contractor to do a load calculation that takes into consideration the size of your home and how many people live in the house in determining your heating requirements. Expert furnace technicians will consider your budget, heat requirement, and all other important considerations to help you choose the best furnace for your home.

Moreover, they are knowledgeable about the different models and brands as well as the manufacturer’s industry standing. Ask your technician to suggest at least three models for you to choose from. It will help you make an informed decision and minimize how much you need to research yourself.

A furnace is a significant investment. Knowing how to choose the best furnace for your home will help you take advantage of new and energy-saving alternatives that are now commercially available in the market.